Cities of the Triangle Region

Great Cites to Live In: Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill

The Triangle Region is made up of three cities: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Connect the three and you have a Triangle! Comprised of Research Triangle Park, an International Airport, UNC, Duke and NC State and a temperate climate we personally don’t think there is a better place to live!

Wake, Durham, Orange and Chatham counties all offer unique topography and community offerings. Within these counties are many other cities/communities in which to live. Depending on what you’re looking for, each area has its unique characteristics.

Click on the city that you’d like to learn more about and take some time getting to know the area. With only two hours to the beach and two hours to the mountains, we’re sure you’ll find the community that fits you the best in the area that we call The Triangle.

Once you find a few neighborhoods you would like to look at, go to search homes to access the MLS listings. You can visit at anytime to view as many homes as you would like.


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