Tips for Sellers

Valuable Tips for Sellers

The number one reason a house sells is condition and/or price. These two items are really one and the same. Buyers need to see the home as theirs, envisioning where their furniture goes and how they will live in the home. Your home must be priced correctly. We will provide a Comparative Market Analysis on your home to determine the best price. Ultimately it is your decision on where to price based on the range that we share with you. It is imperative not to price too high. Your home won’t sell and you will waste time on the market.

Top 4 Tips for Sellers

  • Declutter: We mean really declutter! Start packing now and get rid of everything you’re not using and can live without. We can connect you to moveable storage units and other recommendations that you may need.
  • Your yard and flower beds need to be tidy and clean. Fresh mulch, fresh flowers, edged, mowed and trimmed.
  • Power wash your home, driveway, patios and porches.
  • After all of this is completed, clean your home like you’ve never cleaned it before. Every blind, every window, every baseboard, chair rail and chandelier must be clean. Hire a professional cleaner and have your carpets professional cleaned too. We’re happy to provide you with recommendations for both.

A clean home gives people the feeling that the house has been well taken care of. It also allows the buyer to see the possibilities of what it could look like with them as the owners.

If you do all of the above things, you will sell your home quickly!


Now that you have these helpful tips, go to the seller information page for more seller resources.